Cannons Select Lacrosse
2017/2018 Registration Guidelines
Lacrosse is a bit confusing when it comes to Age vs Graduation year as US Lacrosse and most Rec type leagues offer Age based events while club and HS divisions offer graduation based events. This makes placing players on proper teams a bit tricky. Our goal continues to field the most competitive teams in Southern Maryland at the graduation / Age group teams. Below we have provided our graduation / age guidelines for the upcoming season. if you have any questions or unsure where to register your player, please let us know.
U15 Age Group
Graduation Year 2022
Grade 8
U13 Age Group
Graduation Year 2023/2024
Grades 7 and 6
U11 Age Group
Graduation Year 2025/2026
Grade 5 and 4
U9 Age Group
Graduation Year 2027/2028
Grade 3 and 2
U7 Age Group
Graduation Year 2029/2030
Grade 1 and Kindergarten
U5 Age Group